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NICO-1 : New Intercellular Communication Observation Plate ver.1 ( The brand is only in Japan)

ICCP : Interactive Co-Culture Plate ( The worldwide common name)

ICCP information web site

UniWells : Fujifilm WAKO pure chemical corporation’s brand.


Patent registered
Background of the %e3%82%b9%e3%83%a9%e3%82%a4%e3%83%891NICO-1(ICCP or UniWells)
Study of intercellular transmitters currently attracts considerable attention among researchers. For example, the material secreted by cancer cells acts on various cells and has been thought to result in an immunosuppressive reaction. For this study, we used a pipette to collect the supernatant, including secreted material and developed a method to add in different types of cells.
However, as cells communicate with each other and exchange intercellular transmitters, it has not been possible to observe the effect of a single transmitter using conventional methods. Thus, the phenomena occurring between individual cells could not be determined.
This problem reflected a need for a culture container that would allow observation of the spontaneous response of cells in an environment isolated from other cells.

The Advantage of this product

Because a secretory material can spontaneously move, effects caused by experimental interventions in the system are minimized. Also, both sets of cells can be observed in the state that permits exchanges of the intercellular transmitters.

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